The Company VNK Capital offers technological equipment at the Laniteion Lyceum, Limassol

VNK Capital donated on Thursday 16/05 personal computers and networking equipment to Laniteion Lyceum in Limassol.

This initiative is part of the company’s corporate responsibility program. The program includes donations in the fields of education, health, sports and culture.

Having as a main aim the improvement of the infrastructure of Laniteio Lyceum and after taking into account the school’s needs, VNK Capital has entirely sponsored the acquisition personal computers and networking equipment required for the upgrade of the school’s CISCO network engineer’s computer lab. The cost of the technological equipment came up to €10,000, an amount entirely covered by VNK Capital.

Mr. Demos Demou, member of the board of directors of VNK Capital, and Mr. Andreas Kareklas, risk and compliance manager, attended the ceremony on behalf of the company, and expressed their joy of the company’s contribution to further expand the educational potential of Laniteion Lyceum Limassol.

Mr Giorgos Iosifides, the Headmaster of Laniteion Lyceum Limassol, thanked VNK Capital for the sponsorship, emphasizing that this particular state of the art technological equipment, will provide students the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve even better performance in the computer lesson.

Following, Ms Sotiroula Loizidou, responsible for Cisco Network Engineers Lab, thanked VNK Capital and explained to its representatives the use and capabilities of the specific equipment.