VNK investment philosophy is based upon the premise of investing in companies that operate in sectors with attractive dynamics, are or have potential to become leaders in their field and have the characteristics of management quality, strong fundamentals and growth potential.

VNK has a hands –on approach for its investments, by taking an active management approach in the companies it has invested in, offering support and specialist advice on various operating issues of each business, taking value adding actions

in order to improve operational efficiency and governance, aiming to create value and generate superior investment returns.

Our Company

VNK Capital is a private equity firm focused in investing in local and global leader companies, aiming to create substantial value, whilst applying innovative investment strategies and flexible client service approach.


The company was founded by the family of Vassilis and Nelly Katsou, along with a high quality executive team providing access to decades of experience in finance, asset management, business and operations management at an international level.

Vasilis and Nelly are world famous entrepreneurs and successful business professionals with an immaculate track record history in innovative strategic investments in various sectors of the economy.

VNK follows a thorough investment process that includes sourcing of potential investments, investment analysis and valuation, transaction closing, ongoing portfolio management and operational support of the investments and exit strategy and execution.

Vassilios Katsos was born in Athens in 1973. He graduated from Pierce College and continued his studies at the University of Athens, Faculty of Pharmacy. Since 1993 he became President of the Board of Directors at Pharmathen Pharmaceuticals as one of the major shareholders. Under his leadership, the strategic restructuring of the family company was initiated and executed, placing emphasis first on strengthening the company’s presence and  thereafter on the expansion of international activities.

In 2015 one of the major PE firms, BC Partners has acquired significant majority in Pharmathen which today is an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in The Netherlands with operations in more than 85 countries across the world.

As Chairman – Co founder of VNK Capital, has actively pursued and invested  in a growing portfolio companies in Healthcare, F&B sector , Real  Estate development and 3PL among others .

As an active entrepreneur has received  numerous awards and   distinctions  such as “Entrepreneur of the Year “ from EY Greece, “ Innovative Business “ award from Athens Chamber of Commerce  , “True Leaders”, Multiawarded  award  of ICAP, “Best  Workplace”  among many others.

Nelly Katsou was born in Athens in 1965. In 1989 she graduated from the University of Athens, School of Pharmacy.

In 1990 she established Pharmanel SA, a pharmaceutical company based in Athens, where she was co-owner and Managing Director until 2003. Concurrently she was also a major shareholder and Vice President of the Board of Directors at Pharmathen Pharmaceutical SA.

Together with her brother, she envisioned and methodically worked to make Pharmathen one of the largest pharmaceuticals companies in Greece and in Europe, while the company has also achieved to be distinguished as the largest research organization in Greece and one of the largest developers of pharmaceutical products in Europe.

In 2015 BC Partners acquired majority of Pharmathen, while the management remained to the family. Today, Mrs. Katsou is the President & CEO of Pharmathen.

She is engaged in the following boards:

  • Vice President of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Management Association (EEDE)
  • Member of “Innovation – Education – Entrepreneurship Committee” of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of W.I.B. Committee (Women in Business)
  • President of Extroversion Committee in SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises)
  • Member of the Board of Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE)
  • Member of Advisory Board of EGG (Enter-Grow-Go)
  • Member of BAC (Business Advisory Council) of the Athens University of Economics & Business – MBA International.